Unirii apartment

Days of the month 1  - 14 15 - 30 > 30
Price Euro/Day 50 45 40






Egg boiler

Digital electrical oven

Electrical hob with Hota

Microwave oven




All incorporated in a modern kitchen furniture with all the accessories which must exist in a Kitchen


1 double bed

1 big wardrobe with sliding doors

Cabinet with mirror








Modern living room furniture

Sofas upholstered with fabric


Radio-CD player






The price of this suit includes:

TV Cable

Wireless Internet











Very modern and elegant with all the needed accessories










Location: Bibescu Voda Avenue No.1

The suite is located exactly in Unirii Square in Bucharest with a superb view to all the square, near Irish Pub"The Harp"and right across the Old Center of Bucharest, a place full of life, a lot of restaurants and bars, perfect for your pleasure or business meetings.

Unirii Square is one of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Bucharest. This place in Bucharest is different from other places of Bucharest due to its unique guise, its charm created by the spring wells and the park around them.

Here is located one of the largest shopping centers in Bucharest, called Unirea Shopping Center, where a large variety of shops belonging to famous fashion houses can be found.

This is a central area (new center of Bucharest), very populated, and, consequently, a large variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, and fast-foods can be found: Mc'Donalds, KFC, Sherrif's, Hanul lui Manuc, Lavazza, Horoscop are some of the places where you can go in this wonderful area in Bucharest.

The metro station is right in front of the building, and the bus stations linking all the departments of Bucharest are not far.

Include All Taxes